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At B.E.E., we take great pride in our excellent husbandry and love of sport. We are pleased to work with a wide selection of top-quality horses that have been carefully selected for their athleticism, temperament, and potential.




Cooper is Simonnes current Grand Prix horse. Together in 2021 he helped Simonne win her first GP and FEI class. He took simonne around her first World Cup Qualifier. Simonne & Cooper qualified and competed at the 2023 World Cup Finals


(for sale)

Are you looking for your 1.30-.135 winner?“Happy” is lovely on the ground and to ride. She has a nice amount of blood along with a great jump a lovely mouth and comfy gaits. Would make a perfect medium jr jumper but she also has the scope to get you out of a sticky situation  Although she is on the smaller side she has a massive step and loves to jump. Would be perfect for a junior looking to move up or do the 1.30 Young Rider Championships. Please reach out for more photo and video



Capricho is a little black stallion that Simonne has had for 3 years. He is super sweet on the ground and a family favorite. Simonne has had multiple ribbons with Capricho in the High amateur division and they even jumped a couple national Grand Prix's together.



V Cantate

Cantate has a special place in Simonnes heart. She was the last horse that Simonne and her dad purchased together before her dad got sick. Cantate and Simonne jumped numerous GP classes together and had many top finishes. She also took Simonne around the International Ring at Spruce Meadows for the first time. Simonnes first FEI ranking class ribbon was also with this mare. 


Cora 553(SOLD)

Cora although little made up for her size with her spiciness and scope. She and Simonne had numerous wins in the medium junior/amateur division. She has gone on to teach the ropes of the jumper ring to those who are just stepping into it. She is still tearing up the jumper ring with her new owner.




Sancerre took Simonne from her first 1.30 to her first Grand Prix. He and simonne went to the North American Young Rider Championships in 2014. Gramps later went on to teach Simonne's little sister Sarena the ropes of the jumper ring through the 1.0 division. He retired at the end of the 2018 show season and lives happily on Simonnes farm.

cuppycake gumdrop (SOLD)

"Teddy" as he is known in the barn is a top medium green that Simonne imported at 4 years old and took her time developing him. He is currently leased out.

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